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What is a Zero Waste shop?

A Zero Waste shop is like a supermarket that provides products with the lowest impact for the environment. The products are sustainably made, long-lasting, reusable, recyclable, compostable and/or without packaging.

Two types of shops exist : Grocery stores selling organic food in bulk. Or retail shops offering eco-friendly accessories that help to reduce our daily waste.

Why shop Zero Waste?

Garbage and plastic waste are piling up in landfills and in the ocean. Most of the waste is from single-use packaging and recycling proved not to solve the problem. What else can we do? Let’s reduce our waste!

Buying Zero Waste brings a lot more benefits! Food is cheaper because it’s sold in bulk and you only pay for the quantity you need. Products are often local & organic. It’s healthier for you, better for the nature and it dynamizes the local economy.

How to shop Zero Waste?

Find a zero waste supermarket near you. Bring your own reusable container. Fabric bags, glass jars or boxes are the best options. Scale your container in the shop and fill it in with your favorite food in bulk.

Did you forget your reusable bags? No worries, these shops also offer paper bags or spare jars.